Make him regrets

15 décembre 2019 0 Par Joan Heimanu Teriihoania

Are you aware, or are you blind.
That your heart will, be hurt somedays.
‘Cause you love him, ’cause you are kind.
And he knows it, that’s why he plays.

Not with Fortnite, or any game.
But yes with what, will bleed in vain.
This little thing, famous by name.
But yet that shall, not let in pain.

Please don’t let go, by this poor boy.
‘Cause he does not, deserve that joy.
Please don’t be sad, but please enjoy.
‘Cause you were what, he calls his toy.

Make him regrets, what he has done.
By your great smile, ’cause you have won.
Make him regrets, what he has missed.
So he recalls, that time you kissed.

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